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5 Tips in Choosing LPG Gas Supplier in Singapore

Choosing the right LPG gas supplier in Singapore can be a challenging and time consuming process. There are many things you need to consider to ensure you’ll be working with a reliable supplier. Many customers aim to have a long term partnership with an LPG gas supplier, but if you select an inefficient one, it might end up affecting your business in the long run. Just imagine if the supplier didn’t deliver the LPG on time, what will happen to your business operation?

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Many clients enter into a contract with an LPG gas supplier in Singapore without fully understanding the market or asking the right questions. It can be a costly or frustrating mistake that you can’t afford to happen. So you should be meticulous in choosing which LPG supplier to hire. Before signing any contract, remember the following tips:
Tip #1: Check Charges
Aside from the actual LPG fees, you need to know what other charges might incur. Some LPG suppliers will request for a contribution towards the initial installation while other companies will waive the tank capital charges. Is there a termination charge? If you decide to end the contract and want the tank to be removed from your property, are required to pay a certain fee? Some suppliers may apply an uplift charge within the contract, so you should clarify this before sealing the deal.
Tip #2: Re-evaluate Contract Period 
Make sure to read thoroughly the contract before signing it. For domestic customers, the contract periods are usually not longer than 2 years while for commercial clients the contract is between 1 – 5 years. If there are things or clauses that you don’t understand, never hesitate to ask the esso LPG gas supplier. The company should be able to discuss with you the details of the contract, from the prices to the duration of service. Be sure the term of the contract is specified to avoid misunderstandings.

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Tip #3: Ask About Timescales
Don’t forget to enquire about the timescales. How long will it take for the actual installation to commence from the signing of agreement? The installation time may vary, from one week to a few months depending on the workload of the LPG supplier and the tanks’ availability. If the supplier is quite in-demand, the installation timescale may take a month or so. Some suppliers might hire third party contractors to install the tanks, so they don’t have a say when it comes to installation timescales.
Tip #4: Enquire Environmental Considerations
Environmental consideration is becoming a hot topic, especially with the escalating global warming issues. If your business supports “green” projects and environmentally friendly products, you should choose a supplier that does the same thing. Is the LPG supplier committed to reducing the impact of the business on the environment? If you select a supplier that doesn’t have a say on the environmental issues, then you might have a conflict of interest. So, you should pick a company with a similar goal.

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Tip #5: Check Customer Support
Opt for an LPG gas supplier in Singapore with good customer support. Why is it important? You don’t know when you need them. The level of after sale customer care matters a lot. Some companies operate regionalised support centres to deal with all clients concerns while others may pass customers between departments for different queries. Be sure to ask more information about the support centre so that you already know what to do in case you need them.
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