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Is LPG Gas the same as Propane Gas?

Wondering if LPG gas is the same as propane gas? Well, this is a question that gets many people confused. LPG is the short form for Liquid Petroleum Gas. For starters, both of these gases are usually transported in LPG cylinders.

LPG cylinder

The cylinders are specially made for containing these gases and the use of proper cylinders is highly encouraged. Using cheap LPG cylinders is not recommended as the materials used may not be of good quality.

Before we get into whether both of these gases are the same, just with different names or completely different, let’s look at what both gases are made of and used for.

What is Propane Gas?

Propane is a gas that is compressed and usually stored in a liquid form. It is a gas that is not toxic, colourless and odourless. A chemical called mercaptan was added, this was an initiative taken by all the gas companies. This is a precautionary measure taken to help find out if the gas has leaked. Not being able to know if the gas is leaking is extremely dangerous as it is highly flammable and could be disastrous. There have been many major accidents that have occurred due to the leakage of gas, hence many countries take gas leakage very seriously and that is why we can smell propane gas today. In this day and age, propane gas is used for many things. Many new applications have been found to make use of this gas as a result of our technology getting more advanced. Some of the common uses are listed below:

  • Water Heater
  • Cooking
LPG gas company in Singapore

It can also be used for vehicles and when using propane for vehicles it is known as propane autogas. Here is a list of vehicles that use propane autogas:

  • Forklifts
  • Buses
  • Fleet Vehicles

So where does propane come from? It is a product of natural gas that has been processed and becoming what is known as propane. It is produced from crude oil refinement.

You may wonder why propane is being used by so many people? Is it that good? Well yes, it has a list of benefits and here is a list of why users of propane prefer and use propane as compared to gasoline and diesel.

Benefit Of LPG Gas
  • Clean

Using propane instead of other fuels such as gasoline and diesel is more eco friendly and is taking a step closer to cleaner and safer air which is good for us and the earth. Using propane reduces the amount of greenhouse gas carbon dioxide, and air pollutants such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide.

  • Supply

The supply of propane is limited to constantly being able to increase the production of the supply to meet the demands because of the by-product nature that propane production has.

  • Price

One of the biggest benefits of using propane is that it is cost-effective. For the amount of money that you are paying it produces much more units than other fuel sources.

  • Safety

Propane is a safe energy source however like everything else it has its own set of risks. It has properties that it has been made with which results in it becoming combustible. And with any of the other flammable gases, a gas leak can potentially be deadly and the results will be devastating.  

As propane is heavier than natural gas it will sink to the bottom of the ground and be concentrated at ground level as it sinks if there happens to be a leakage of gas. This may help it avoid detection. Propane is stored under high pressure, making a sudden decompression of a rupture of the container will result in a violent force.

What is Liquified Petroleum Gas?

Now for Liquified Petroleum Gas which is commonly known as “LPG” or “LP” gas, it is a mixture of other gases such as propane and butane. This mixture is highly flammable. The very same chemical mercaptan was added just like for the propane to add odour to the gas to make it easier to notice if there are any gas leaks.

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Usage of LPG Gas

LPG has many uses such as Cooking, fuel for motorised vehicles which is when LPG is known as autogas, rural heating, electrical generation, welding and cutting.

Here is a list of the characteristics of LPG:

  • Highly flammable 
  • Stored under pressure in cylinders in a liquid state
  • Larger vapour to liquid ratio
  • Light in weight
cheap LPG cylinders

There are two main dangers to be aware of that can be catastrophic when it comes to LPG. Firstly would be the possibility of a fire or an explosion, this will occur if there is the right amount of LPG and air along with an ignition source that could initiate the whole accident. 

Secondly would be suffocation, when LPG is in the open air it will lower the concentration of oxygen which will result in suffocation due to low oxygen levels. Hence an odour is added to the gas for indication if there is a gas leak which will help in finding where the leak is coming from for prompt reservicing to be done.

The two main sources for LPG are natural gas and crude oil refining.

  • Natural Gas

When natural gas is drawn from the earth, it consists of a mixture of various different types of gases. One of the gases is “Methane” which is 90% of the mixture that has been drawn out, out of the remaining 10%, 5% consists of Propane and while the other 5% is butane and other gases.

  • Crude Oil Refining:

Around 3% of a barrel of crude oil is refined into LPG while 40% of it can be converted into LPG.

In general, Liquid Petroleum Gas and Propane mean the same thing. Flammable hydrocarbon gases with the same formula are generally categorised under LPG. The small difference is LPG contains propane, but propane is one of the LP gases.

When getting LPG in Singapore ensure that the LPG cylinder is in good condition and do not just go for cheap LPG cylinders and it is quality over quantity and this is a dangerous item.

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